Free of Charge

Neo’s tight integration with Medicare, allows you to seamlessly create Bulk Bill and DVA claims straight from our system without the hassle in using expensive payment gateways. No matter how many Bulk Bill or DVA claims you do, it is all free of charge, no need to recharge or pay a processing fee.

We also have additional features of claiming such as PCI (Patient Claim Interactive) and PCS (Patient Claim and Store) which are useful features for those requiring Gap payments.

Privacy and Security

We care about them

Neo is a practice management software that operates on the cloud. This means you can access everything, anywhere, anytime straight through your browser. All the data and information that is in your Neo account is stored and kept in Australia.

We strictly abide by the Australian Government’s Regulations and Policies, to ensure the privacy and security of your patient’s information.

Additionally, you can configure the system so that you exactly know what your users can see and do. What this means is that Neo can allow you to restrict users from accessing information to different clinics, specific patients, and even to specific features!


Easily track payments down

You can create, edit and download invoices straight from Neo so you can manage your clinic with ease. Create invoices for your patients, from the patient’s appointments, claims or straight from their profile.

We also integrate with Xero, so if you connect your account, all invoices that are created on Neo will automatically sync with Xero.

An invoice system that is included within Neo's practice management system will allow you to track all of your patient's paid and unpaid invoices through backtracking claims, appointments, and insights.

Send Reminders

Hour, Day or Week

With Neo, you can send a variety of reminders to your patients so that they don’t miss their appointments. We have extensive settings for SMS and Email reminders, so that you can arrange to send them within the hour, day, or week. Reduce the number of no-shows and late arrivals by setting up a comprehensive reminder system with Neo.

In addition to SMS and Email reminders, we included Google and Apple Calendar invites, meaning that patients are able to easily add their appointments to their devices. We've also included telehealth appointment reminders so that your patients are able to easily access a consultant's Telehealth consultation.


Meaningful Data

Neo has a range of graphs that offer useful information and data. You can search through your different clinics or dates to get the exact information that you need.

Insights can give you information within the following categories:

  • Appointments
  • Financials Statements
  • Marketing
  • Medicare and DVA Claims

What other features are included?

  • Custom Letter Templates
  • Custom Treatment Notes
  • Fax Services
  • Integrations with Xero
  • Multiple Clinic Management
  • Online Bookings
  • Recurring Class Appointments
  • Telehealth
  • User Permission Settings

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